Miami Business Litigation Attorney


Welcome to the Law Office of Laurence A. Wanshel, P.A. Based in Miami, the firm represents individual and business clients in an array of civil litigation claims in Florida, ranging from business litigation to disputes over real estate transactions and developments. The firm also represents clients in divorce litigation.

Success That Comes From Unmatched Litigation Experience

During a legal career that has spanned 40 years, attorney Laurence Wanshel has achieved a level of experience and success in civil litigation that few lawyers ever do. With this experience comes insight into how to approach litigation both effectively and efficiently. Having seen how thousands of fact patterns play out in negotiation settings, jury trials and arbitration proceedings, he has developed the intuitive ability to anticipate how the other side is likely to proceed. This keeps the firm's clients squarely one step ahead of the game, whether they are trying to avoid a legal impasse or are fighting to protect their bottom line in formal legal proceedings.

What's more, in an area of law where many clients feel they must choose between "big firm" amenities and "small firm" attention, the Law Office of Laurence A. Wanshel, P.A., delivers both. Attorney Wanshel's considerable litigation and negotiation experience rivals that found at much larger firms. At the same time, by deliberating keeping the firm's size small and overhead at a minimum, the firm is able to deliver on its promise to devote every available resource to helping clients prevail in the legal system.

Questions about your rights in a legal dispute? Ready to develop a litigation plan? Contact the firm's Miami offices by email or call 305-252-2300 to arrange a consultation with attorney Laurence Wanshel.