Miami Lawyer For Construction Claims


Few industries are as closely linked as the real estate and construction industries. A strong real estate market fuels the construction industry, and in turn a vibrant construction industry is vital to a robust real estate market.

Because of the significant investments of capital and other resources made in any construction project, parties have strong incentives to pursue legal action whenever disagreements arise. For four decades, players in South Florida's construction industry have relied on the experienced litigation counsel of attorney Laurence Wanshel to successfully resolve construction disputes in their favor. By taking an assertive yet measured stance in negotiation and litigation, he ensures that clients achieve not just shortsighted victories, but rather long-term success in their legal claims.

Cases the firm has successfully resolved for Miami-area clients include:

  • Disputes between general contractors and subcontractors
  • Allegations of defective construction work
  • Construction delays or failure to complete work
  • Damage claims by adjacent property owners
  • Mechanic's liens

While full trials are one method of resolving construction-related disputes, they are by no means the only opportunity for clients to protect their financial and legal interests. Many disputes are resolved by voluntary or mandatory arbitration proceedings, and in some cases, even direct negotiations can bring about successful outcomes.

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