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A Commitment To Protecting Your Bottom Line

Commercial leases are designed to afford maximum certainty and security to both parties to the contract. For a property owner, a lease guarantees timely payment of rent and access to the property for essential purposes. For the tenant, a lease ensures that they will be able to carry out their intended business activities without undue restrictions or interference.

With four decades of experience in Miami's real estate industry, attorney Laurence Wanshel understands that lease disputes must be handled not only carefully but also assertively. In many situations, it is possible and even advantageous for parties to resolve disagreements without resorting to formal legal action. Doing so can save clients and their adversaries the significant time, expense and anxiety involved in litigating claims. When agreement cannot be reached, however, Mr. Wanshel is ready to leverage his decades of litigation experience to help protect a client's most important legal interests.

Common legal claims that result in lease disputes in Florida include:

  • Nonpayment of rent
  • Failure of tenants to provide landlords with access to leased property for essential purposes
  • Property damage or landlord interference that renders a property unusable for a tenant's business purposes
  • Unauthorized assignment of leases to subtenants
  • Eviction proceedings

Because the firm has successfully represented both landlords and tenants in commercial lease disputes, legal strategies are developed that anticipate how the other side is likely to argue its case. This allows the firm's clients to stay one step ahead of the game, whether a resolution is sought through direct negotiations, mediation or formal litigation.

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