Miami Attorney For Agent And Broker Negligence Claims


Real estate sales and purchases are carefully orchestrated transactions that require full transparency and disclosure on the part of both parties. As facilitators of these transactions, real estate agents and brokers have special fiduciary duties to their clients and failure to uphold these duties can result in significant legal liability.

Having represented clients in Miami's real estate industry during the whole of his 40-year career, attorney Laurence Wanshel knows firsthand how high the stakes can be in the purchase and sale of commercial and residential properties in South Florida. Whether clients engage the firm's services because of a perceived breach of a fiduciary duty, or must respond to allegations of a breached duty, the firm is prepared to execute an effective litigation plan to protect a client's bottom line.

Learn More About Fiduciary Duty Claims

Many claims of breach of fiduciary duty arise with respect to the nondisclosure of property defects by one party to another. Examples include:

  • Where a property seller fails to disclose property damage or previous repairs to his or her agent or the buyer
  • Where a seller's agent learns of such damage or repairs but fails to disclose this information to the buyer
  • Current boundary disputes that have not been resolved
  • Title defects
  • Existing encumbrances or other claims against the property

To ensure that you protect your financial bottom line — whether as a real estate buyer, seller or as a real estate broker or agent, discuss the details of your case with an experienced lawyer. Schedule a consultation with attorney Laurence Wanshel by email, or call the firm's Miami offices at 305-252-2300.