Miami Divorce Litigation Firm


Legal Counsel To Navigate The Challenges Of Divorce In Florida

In the personal and often emotional turmoil of divorce, objective, results-driven legal counsel matters more than ever.

If you and your spouse remain on generally good terms, a seasoned divorce litigation attorney can help you minimize conflict and resolve contested issues expediently and with your long-term financial security in mind. If, on the other hand, you and your spouse are in constant conflict, an effective lawyer can and should act assertively to protect your legal interests during what is likely to be a drawn-out legal battle.

Attorney Laurence Wanshel has four decades of experience as a litigator in Florida. Having represented countless clients in a wide variety of legal disputes, he has learned how to respond quickly, yet effectively, to changing circumstances while always keeping an eye on the desired outcome. In divorce litigation, this combination of constancy and flexibility often makes the difference between successful and less-than-successful outcomes.

Legal Services Tailored To What Matters Most To You

While the underlying law does not vary based on the case at hand, financially successful couples and those with children often confront special challenges during divorce proceedings. The firm is committed to helping advance those interests that matter most to clients to make the transition to post-divorce life as smooth as possible. The firm's areas of focus include:

A successful divorce strategy begins by meeting with an experienced lawyer who can quickly identify the issues at play in your case. To meet with attorney Laurence Wanshel, contact the firm's Miami office by email or call 305-252-2300.