Complex Property Division


While financial success is undoubtedly an advantage in any marriage, it inevitably presents unique challenges when a marriage comes to an end. Couples often find that they do not have as complete a grasp of their financial situations as they previously thought, and the prospect of having to negotiate and perhaps litigate to divide marital assets can present significant uncertainty.

Miami attorney Laurence Wanshel helps clients in South Florida face the divorce process with confidence by providing assertive representation during all legal proceedings related to the dissolution of a marriage. How can his 40 years of experience as a lawyer benefit you as you seek to protect your financial well-being during a divorce?

  • He understands that successful outcomes are the result of a balance of aggressive negotiation and the strategic use of litigation. When substantial assets are involved, it is easy to think that a simple "scorched earth" strategy is the only way to proceed. In reality, however, clients emerge whole from a divorce when their counsel can quickly adapt to the changing circumstances, motivations and concerns of both parties.
  • He has a network of experts at the ready to assist in preparing his clients' cases. Fair outcomes are the result of comprehensive accounting of both marital and nonmarital assets. Working with experts like forensic accountants, the firm can gain a complete picture of a couple's finances, and even uncover assets that might not be readily disclosed.
  • He can devise creative solutions for seemingly complex asset disputes. Because Florida is an equitable distribution state, marital estates are never simply divided precisely down the middle. There is significant room to argue for specific division of assets. Whether a client has specific property he or she wishes to keep, or particular tax concerns make one approach more beneficial than another, he can proceed in a way tailored to maximize a client's long-term financial standing.

Examples of assets frequently contested during divorce proceedings include:

  • Vacation homes and investment real estate
  • Stock portfolios
  • Retirement plans
  • Business interests
  • Antiques and other high-value personal items

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