Miami Attorney For Alimony Disputes


Although a primary goal of any divorce is to sever legal ties between the spouses, in reality there are almost always circumstances that continue to link ex-spouses for months or even years after a divorce decree is finalized. Alimony is one such issue.

While many marriages today comprise two incomes, in many cases individuals going into a divorce will already have at least a general idea who will be in a position to receive spousal support and who will most likely be required to pay it. This doesn't mean that there isn't room for an experienced divorce attorney to help clients emerge from divorce proceedings with an advantageous financial standing.

For clients confronting the divorce process, attorney Laurence Wanshel prepares and executes a plan to protect their financial interests. For spouses who will have to pay some form of spousal support, this can mean examining the benefits of a settlement that awards the other spouse more property in exchange for lower alimony payments. For spouses who will be receiving alimony, this means ensuring that the payments are sufficient to preserve their standard of living while they adjust to post-divorce life.

An important consideration when negotiating or litigating alimony disputes is the fact that alimony payments have tax implications for both parties. Support payments are tax deductible for the payer spouse, and considered taxable income for the recipient spouse. This can influence the direction and strategy of negotiations or trial advocacy in order to ensure that a client does not suffer undue tax consequences as a result of the alimony provisions of a divorce settlement.

Don't Get Shortchanged In Your Divorce

Effective representation begins with a thorough examination of your and your spouse's assets and circumstances to determine the proper course of action. To discuss alimony and other aspects of your divorce with an experienced lawyer, send an email or call the firm's Miami offices at 305-252-2300.