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Successful businesses depend on the coordinated efforts of its leadership in addition to transparency and accountability. Any shortcoming on either of these fronts can quickly throw the future of an enterprise into peril.

Recognizing that parties to commercial litigation need counsel dedicated to zealous representation and efficient results, attorney Laurence Wanshel represents clients in partnership disputes and shareholder litigation. He understands that these civil claims cut to the core of a business and that the outcomes can have profound and far-reaching effects on the future of an enterprise. Whether a client is a business partner who needs to protect his or her individual financial outlook, or shareholders seeking to hold business management accountable for its actions, the firm is committed to obtaining the desired outcome in litigation.

Cases the firm handles in this area of the law include:

  • Representing business partners in disagreement with their partners over the direction of their business, the handling of business assets or alleged breach of fiduciary duty
  • Representing business partners in winding down partnerships and dividing business assets
  • Representing shareholders and corporate officers in claims involving alleged breach of fiduciary duty or other misconduct

In addition to traditional litigation counsel, the firm also offers representation in arbitration proceedings, mediation and in direct negotiations with opposing counsel. Because these alternative forms of dispute resolution are often advantageous and in some cases required, it is imperative that your lawyer have experience obtaining results in these various venues.

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