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The law of libel/slander seeks to strike a careful balance between important freedom of speech protections on one hand, and the potential for damaging or defamatory statements to cause serious financial and other injuries to victims on the other hand.

Success in libel/slander claims — whether pursuing litigation or defending allegations of defamatory behavior — requires experience not only investigating the nature of allegedly libelous or slanderous statements, but also identifying the exact nature of the injuries alleged by the victim. Business litigation attorney Laurence Wanshel has spent his four-decade legal career doing the kind of intense discovery and case preparation that are essential to libel/slander and all other civil tort claims. This means that whether you seek to explore your options for pursuing a claim for libel/slander or must defend yourself or your business from civil claims, the firm can help you prepare a proper strategy for moving forward.

Learn More About Libel/Slander Suits And Your Legal Options

In business settings, defamation suits frequently arise when an employer is accused of making false statements regarding a former worker to a prospective employer. Depending on the specific circumstances involved, employers who are found to have made defamatory statements can be liable for monetary damages to a victim.

Other common cases include business-to-business transactions, where one business may make libelous/slanderous statements to a business partner to the detriment of a competitor. Similarly, these cases can result in financial liability if a party is found to have engaged in either libel or slander.

The law pertaining to libel/slander is highly developed, with specific legal tests employed depending on the nature of the statements, the public profile of the alleged victim, etc. This means that in order to be successful in representing clients in libel/slander lawsuits, a lawyer must be well-acquainted with nuances of the law. With several decades of successful litigation experience to his name, Laurence Wanshel can defend your interests as either a plaintiff or defendant in libel/slander (defamation) litigation.

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